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To increase the engagement on your content and post all you have to do is to post at the perfect time. Timings always matter. If you post something interesting and engaging and you put a lot of effort into that content but you did not post at the right time your effort will be wasted.

For example, if you have an audience from the UK and you are posting the content at the time when it is nighttime in the UK you will not get any likes and responses.

Always try to consider your target audience and the best time that is suited for them. To know the best time to post on Instagram you can use many different applications which can tell you at which time your followers are active.

You can also use the strategy like post at a different time on your page and then see at which time you get more engagement. In this way, you will get the best time to post on Instagram and you will get more likes. You can also buy Instagram likes from IGViral UK.

Respond to the comments:

Another best way through which you can get more likes is that you should respond to the comments of your followers. Instagram is all about likes, comments, and shares. When you post something that hits the audience in a positive way they give you a positive response.

And if in return you give a reply to their comment they will get happy and will try to make comments whenever you post something. In the beginning, all you have to do is to monitor the comments of your followers. If you are getting negative comments don’t hurry to respond to them back in a negative way. Always try to improve yourself and your content.

When you will post content that your audience likes you will get more love and likes from the audience. Your engagement rate will also increase when you will post the content that your audience likes.

Know your target audience:

If you want to get organic likes and Instagram followers on your Instagram account all you have to do is to first know your audience. Try to figure out their likes and dislikes.

If you will increase the audience by taking the shortcut you will not get likes. Because the audiences you buy from different sites are not real they are fake and they are bots. They are never interested in your content.

Always try to get the audience who belongs to the same niche as you are because they are the people who are interested in your content and will always give you positive feedback by giving you alike. To know your audience you have to dig down deeper by considering many important factors such as age, gender, location, and others. After you will get the target audience you will feel a drastic change in your likes and followers.

You can also get the target audience by the feature provided by Instagram go to the setting and select Instagram insights. It will tell you your target audience based on your analytics.

Use hashtags:

Another best way to get more likes on your content is to use hashtags on every post you give on your feed. Hashtags are the best way to increase engagement on your content. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags under each post but try to use 3 to 4 hashtags under each image and content.

The use of branded hashtags will drive the attention of the audience to your content and they will be forced to view your content. You can also use a top trending hashtag to get more likes on your content.

But don’t use the hashtag that many other users on Instagram use because the disadvantage will be that you will not more attention. Always try to create your hashtag and use it under each post and image. This will help you to be in the top searches when someone will search for the keyword that matches your hashtag.

Use different channels to promote your content:

If you will only post your content on your Instagram page you will not get more engagement because most people will not know about your post.

If you want more engagement and likes on your content you should promote your content on different channels such as you can make Vlogs on your Youtube channel and promote your content.

You can also share the link of your content on different social platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. In this way, you will get more likes on your content.

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