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Eyes are our mirror to the outside world and are an important organ for all the reasons. Your eyes health is responsible for your sight that is primarily important for you. However, many things can take a toll on your eye health. 

Eye health depends upon many different things and eye care is quite important in this regard. If you are looking for ways that can keep your eyes healthy then you should be considerate about eye care. Among things that can take a toll on your eye health comes travelling. Travelling eye care is important because you may experience dry eyes or eye allergies while travelling. 

I used to accompany my mother during her visit to an eye specialist in Peshawar and during every single visit, her physician used to talk about everyday eye care. I didn’t pay heed to it unless I developed a serious eye infection after returning from a recreational trip. Following the trip, it took me weeks to recover from the problem.

How to Protect your Eyes while Travelling?

In case you are also going on a journey and looking to take those everyday preventive measures that could keep your eyes healthy for longer period of time, then here are some of the travel tips to consider:

1- Don’t forget your eye glasses

Whenever you are travelling make sure you keep your glasses on. This not only prevents sunlight damage but also keeps dust at a bay. So, make sure you don’t forget to wear your glasses while travelling. This will keep your eyes protected from external injury as well. So, make sure whenever you pack your travel bags, your eyeglasses are a must and should stay accessible. 

2- Get a humidifier

Dehydration is one of the major eye health problems you may suffer from while travelling. Dehydration can be a cause of eye irritation and you may develop a strong urge to rub your eyes. Dehydrated eyes can be very problematic to deal with and can affect your eyes health. Thus, you need to keep your eyes hydrated and it’s better to have a humidifier to help your eyes see better.

3- Drink water

Water consumption gets affected while travelling.Of course you are away from your home and from the comfort of your toilet seat. This can reduce your water consumption by several folds and can leave you dehydrated. When there is insufficient water in your body your eyes get dehydrated as well. Excessive dryness is bad for your visual health for all the reasons. So, there is a dire need to consume sufficient water and protect your eyes while travelling. 

4- Carry your eye drops

Eye drops are a must while travelling. Keeping them there and available can help protect your eyes from damage. Use of eye drops is also good to protect your eyes from excessive dust and wash it away from time to time. This also minimizes your chances of suffering from eye allergies as well as helps to keep your eyes moisture intact. So, make sure you get your eye drops along while travelling. 

5- Don’t forget your sleep mask

Your sleep is something that gets affected while travelling and for this your sleep mask can be a great help. A sleep can be the perfect solution and help you sleep in between hectic travelling hours. For this reason, you need to carry your sleep mask along. This helps to keep your eyes comfortable and reduces eye fatigue. So, a sleep mask is a must have of your travelling luggage. 

6- Get your eyes checked

No matter how much you try to protect your eyes from fatigue, allergens or damage, there is always a part of it you can’t do much about.You can’t completely eliminate the risk, for this you need to get your eyes checked to limit the damage. So, as soon as you return and feel something problematic about your vision, go and get your checked

Bottom Line!

Eye health is important and you need to protect it no matter what. Travelling tends to take a toll on your eyes health and you need to take the right measures to protect your vision. Further, you can also consult an eye specialist to give you right advice regarding your visual health.

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