Umrah Packages

Umrah is more than just performing rituals. It’s a way of nourishing your entire soul and seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Let me take you on my journey of performing Umrah with family. It was indeed the most memorable day of my life. Firstly, before embarking on this miraculous pilgrimage, we searched for different Umrah bundles that perfectly meet our requirements. After thorough research, we found outstanding hassle-free & cheap Umrah packages by a renowned travel company in the UK. They treat us so well and have made our journey even more relaxing and free of trouble. In order to make a good start to your Umrah, a good package is all that you need.

When we were on the airplane, the management told us the point (Miqat) where we can wear Ihram. Our journey was convenient and luxurious. My family was extremely happy especially my mother as it was her biggest wish to visit the House of Allah (SWT). As soon as we enter the gate of Masjid Al-Haram, we all were deeply into its beauty. We all said MashaAllah! and Honestly, it’s a heavenly experience. Muslims all around the world should experience this moment at least once in their lives.

Rites of Umrah

After making a Dua in front of the Kaaba, we started performing Tawaf (the circumambulation around the Kaaba in an anti-clockwise manner). We all were feeling extremely happy and blessed. It was the most breathtaking movement of our lives. Performing Umrah is a great source of seeking atonement. Indeed, Allah Almighty is the most forgiving and merciful. Your heart must be pure and clean to seek his pardon. He (SWT) doesn’t like arrogance, pride, and superiority. Be humble and kind! The next step, that we performed is Sai, it was the most exciting and blessed part. We ran between the hills of Safa and Marwa in remembrance of the efforts of Hazrat Hajra (A.S) for her son Hazrat Ismail (A.S).

Umrah is a miraculous journey that boosts your faith and makes you a good human being. It let you reflect on your past mistakes and bad deeds and gives you a chance of correcting yourself. Our pilgrimage was extremely hassle-free and we did not face any sort of issues. We left aside all the worldly matters and get deeply involved in worshipping Allah Almighty.

In A Nutshell,

It is convenient for Muslims to attain hassle-free & cheap Umrah packages from reputed travel operators. My journey was a life-changing moment for me as it makes me closer to Allah Almighty. At first, I was not the person to pray five times a day but after this impressive pilgrimage, I automatically started praying. I realized that why Namaz is important? And how it is beneficial for us in this life and afterward. I extremely feel blessed and satisfied after this journey. For me, this was a lifetime experience that I believe every Muslim should also experience. Moreover, I can feel that Allah (SWT) has forgiven me and showered His unlimited blessings on me.

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