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Birthdays are the best time when you want to express your love, care, and concern to their kid’s birthday bash. Parents always want to make their kids super happy on their special day with beautiful gifts and delicious cakes. The celebration of birthdays is never complete without a tasty slice of cake. So, if you want to celebrate your kid’s memorable birthday, you can buy a yummy sweet cake for them. You can get a wide variety of cakes for kids at the local bakery shop and online stores. The best birthday cake for kids are cartoon themed cakes. When your kid sees a beautiful cartoon cake on their special day, they will surely feel very happy. 

Below we are listing some best and fun cartoon cake ideas for your kid’s birthday party that will surely make the celebration special and unforgettable.

Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse is every kid’s favorite cartoon character. Surprise your little munchkin with a yummy and delicious mickey mouse cake on his birthday, and get ready to see a big smile on his face. This will surely add more fun to the celebration. The taste of this cake is very tasty and made with good ingredients. 

Animal Theme Cake

Little kids are always attracted to animals. So it would be a great idea when you give a special animal themed cake to your kid. Buy a jungle theme cake with some small animals.

Barbie Or Princess Cake

Every girl loves Barbie dolls. If it’s your baby girl’s birthday, then a Barbie cake is the perfect gift for her to make her feel like a princess. She will be very happy to see it. Many online shops also provide online cake delivery in Chennai with their best service. So, if your dear ones live in Noida, then you can surprise them by sending the yummy cake on any special occasion. 

Tom and Jerry Theme Cake

Tom and Jerry’s cake is one of the most amazing and attractive cakes for kids. This theme is taken from the famous cartoon serial “Tom and Jerry”. Every kid would love to see this kind of cake. So, buy a cake online and get the yummiest tom and jerry cake for your kid at your desired place. 

Car Theme Cake

Baby girls love dolls while baby boys love cars the most. Ordering a car theme cake for your baby boy would be the best choice for his birthday. All the kids would be very excited about this amazing car themed cake.

Digit Cakes

Digits cakes are one of the latest trends in cakes these days. As your kids are going to turn two, then order a digit two cake for them. You can also choose the choice of flavor that you want to buy for your kid. You also order cake online for your sweet kid and get it at your place on time. 

Chocolate Cakes

The pure chocolate cake would be the best gift for a one-year-old kid as we know that chocolate cake is always the most yummy. This will make your guests happy, and they will leave with satisfaction. So, enjoy your baby’s birthday with a chocolate cake and make some beautiful memories on this day with your loved ones. 

Hello Kitty Theme Cake

Amongst all cartoon characters, the little kitty is always adorable. Your little daughter would be very happy if you gave her a cute hello kitty cake. This will be the perfect birthday cake for baby girls. You also get online cake delivery in Hyderabad to add sweetness and fun to your special celebration. 

Ice Cream Cake

We all know kids love cakes, but they similarly love to eat ice cream. So, what could be easier than mixing these two elements to give the kids a great birthday ice cream cake as a surprise? It is one of the yummiest and most delicious cakes for kids, and they will surely feel very thrilled to eat this cool yummy cake. 

Unicorn Cake

The colorful, yummy unicorn cake is adored by little kids and has been quite popular as a birthday cake for kids for the past few years. Just imagine the happiness on your child’s face when they cut it! It is one of the wonderful surprise gifts for your kids, and they feel very thrilled to get this yummy cake. 

These are the best cake ideas for your kids; you can try one of them and make your kid’s birthday more wonderful with these cake ideas.

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