Freight shipping is simply the physical act of moving goods and commodities from one location to another. The word shipping originally only meant transportation by sea. But in English, it got further extended to also mean transportation by air or land. In shipping, a ship would be owned by a single person, company, business or group and was used for commercial or private purposes. Freight Shipping containers were invented to help in this transportation, which were made of metal and had been called ship-of-the-sea.

Types of Freight Shipping

Freight shipping can take the form of ocean cargo, air cargo, truck mode, rail, road freight and even electrical cabling in some cases. With the proliferation of different modes of shipping, freight shipping services have become very popular among companies for various purposes. There are companies that specialize in providing freight shipping services and others that operate as worldwide agents for the same. However, all companies involved in freight shipping services have to adhere to the law; therefore there are certain standards that have to be followed by them.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight shipping is one of the most popular forms of freight shipping. Freight in this case means actually the carriage of items or cargo by sea. Items that are freighted via ocean freight shipping may range from automobiles to perishable foods to chemical products and even electronics. Ocean freight shipping is less-than truckload or point-to-point service. As the transport needs to pass through certain channels that may include. The use of container ships, bulk carriers, bulk trucks or pipeline systems. This means that for every one unit that needs to be transported, there is a need for a vessel to do so.

Land Shipping

Freight shipped via land means that the cargo ships or trucks are actually owned by one company and are used for a particular purpose. One of the most popular forms of freight shipping services is the road freight option. In this case, the company offering the service actually owns the trucks or cars and the drivers are private individuals who are recruited for the job. They are not government employees. These are both good and bad forms of freight shipping services, as far as the consumer is concerned.

The road freight shipping method is very convenient and it is what most people would prefer over other modes of transportation. This is because unlike trucks, it does not require the acquisition of property. It also does not cost much. However, the downside to this is that the consumer products being transported are not at all guaranteed safe. In the worst case scenario, if something happens to one of these goods during the journey. Then the customer is liable for all damages resulting from the accident.

Freight Shipping

Inbound Logistics

Another form of freight shipping is the inbound logistics. In inbound logistics, the goods or cargo are actually being loaded in a foreign port before being delivered to their destination. Most of the time, the shipper will hire trucks of bigger capacity to ensure that the transport of the cargo is effective. This is one of the major advantages of doing business with a foreign company. Moreover, the shipper will also be able to arrange for warehousing facilities and other forms of logistics support.

Most of the consignees prefer the inbound logistics method as it takes away much of the stress involved in relocating goods. A lot of time and money can be saved in this type of mode of delivery as well since there are fewer risks involved. However, the downside to these types of shipping services is that it cannot provide for quick turnaround times. Also, the costs involved are quite high. It may even take weeks before the goods reach their destination.


If the shipper would consider using sea freight or air cargo as mode of delivery. Then both types have their own advantages. For instance, sea freight has the ability to bring large volumes of cargo. At a time where land transports are limited. Air cargo offers a faster service and cheaper rates than the other modes. It would also be easier for the shipper to track the location of their consignment because it is delivered on a float plane.

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