Dry Eye Care

Our eyes need to be coated with moisture to function correctly. It is easy to compare our eyes and the need for a lubricant to cover the eyeball to that of a motor. In contrast, a lubricant (usual oil) is needed to ensure the moving parts work correctly. As we know, if an engine were required to perform without the details being well lubricated, it would only take a short time before the non-lubricated moving parts would suffer from abrasions. When our eyes do not have enough lubricant, the condition is known as ‘Dry Eye.’

Dry eye or dry eye syndrome is often known as a medical condition that occurs when the sufferer’s eyes lack the correct formation of lubricant. Usually, the lubricant is in the form of tears, and dry eye is due to the body not producing sufficient quantities of tears to oil the eyes and make them relaxed. This condition is more prevalent amongst older people. In America alone, around 30 to 40 million people suffer from dry eye syndrome. About three-quarters of sufferers have relatively mild cases. However, many of the remaining 10 million or so sufferers experience severe issues of affliction.

One of the essential aspects of dry eye care is having the sufferer understand the symptoms associated with the condition and address the problem correctly. As a guide, most people suffering from this problem usually experience constant irritation, their eyes ache, and they experience a burning sensation and a grainy feel in and around the eyes.

If you suffer from this condition, you must undertake an eye care program as soon as possible because if the eyes go untreated, it can result in more serious problems occurring in the future. These severe symptoms can include scarring, infection of the cornea, and even permanent vision loss in the most severe cases. Therefore, it is vitally important that dry eye syndrome be treated because failure to do so may result in severe consequences.

Preventative Suggestions

Dry eye care starts with preventative measures to ensure adequate moisture is present in the eyes. If you have noticed that you have a distinct lack of moisture in your eyes, it is recommended that you take steps to avoid the use of hairdryers, use glasses to deflect wind from the eye region, avoid hot rooms, and of course, avoid smoke. Other preventative measures include wearing glasses rather than contact lenses, using an artificial tear ointment at night before going to bed, and using humidifiers in rooms that have been heated.

From Dry To Damp

When Dry Eye Syndrome cannot be prevented, your dry eye care should treat the eyes with formulated eye drops. Many brands of effective eye drops can be bought over the counter and do not require a doctor’s prescription. In essence, these drops work as fake tears. A great deal of scientific research is being undertaken to develop more advanced medications to treat this eye condition.

In more serious cases, the eye’s cornea becomes irritated. In some of these situations, the use of anti-inflammatory agents is encouraged to combat the condition. An effective dry eye care remedy for short-term usage only includes topical steroids as an ingredient in eye drops. However, it is not recommended that these compounds be used over an extended time frame because of the known side effects.

As part of the modern treatment regime, researchers are trying to restrict the extent of the eye’s swelling instead of just oiling the eye’s surface. They have developed several methods to reduce the dry eye condition, including one way where the doctor attempts to close the channels from the eye to the nose. Another technique involves using tiny plugs to control the speed and volume of the flow of tears as they drain from the eyes.

So if you think that you may suffer from this syndrome and need dry eye care, please consult your doctor for advice on preventative measures and effective treatment for your condition.

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