Who does not want their kids to develop sound logic skills, have great information processing, sustainable attention, and a good memory? We develop our kids to be amazing in all milestones. In schools, there are different activities that are designed to enhance their skills. But, parents forget to be smart and careful. They let their children do whatever they are involved in no matter how useless that is. Particularly the activities that make them fully involved and they do not bother you for anything are your favorite, right? That has become a habit of many parents and here is where the problem exists. You have to be conscious about your kids and their activities.

Likewise, when your kids are using mobile phones, you think they are doing great. Actually, that is a misconception. Mobile phones cause underdevelopment of cognitive skills and slow or delayed achievement of developmental milestones. While a recent report explained that exercising or doing physical activities increases cognitive development.

This article along with emphasizing the importance of cognitive skills explains how you can enhance your child’s focus on physical activities through the best parental control app.



Cognitive skills are basically important for a developed mind, reasoning, and emotional development. They let a person cope with the challenges of life smoothly and use their sensory skills efficiently. Brief detail about them is given below.


Attention span and focused attention tell how well a person would perform in a specific task. It also measures the efficiency and productivity of a person in a task thus, affecting overall performance.


Both long-term and short-term memory are important to perform well in one’s overall life. However, this skill is also strengthened through practice and activities a person performs in childhood.

Logic and Reasoning:

Logical and critical thinking boosts the intellectual development of a child and helps them develop greater and bigger ideas with time.

Auditory Processing:

The usage of auditory skills in the best possible way means processing the information distinctly in the presence of other stimuli and distinguishing it in the shortest time duration.

Information processing and analysis:

This includes the complex and simple information that a child receives and processes through the brain. The right development of the skill would mean a good and quick understanding of the problem at hand.

Visual processing:

This skill is about the right and quick processing of the visual stimuli and understanding it distinctly while in the presence of other stimuli

Cognitive resilience:

This is about the capacity of a person to overcome the negative and stressful effects on one’s cognitive power and still manage to perform efficiently.


Physical activities of any kind that a child usually does in their childhood count in it. From running to playing sports and Legos, all of them have proved to enhance the cognitive power of a person. When a child is involved in such activities, they are not just using one skill. In fact, a set of skills combine to help a person perform a task.

For instance, what do you think your child is doing when playing football. Using their legs, muscles, and joints to work in best coordination? Well, they sure are doing this but more than that, they are using their prudence, thinking vision, and auditory skills to play, keep control of the ball, and save it from the opponent. Along with this, they are also using their smart thinking capabilities to make the best out of their game. Also, this is a perfect way of enhancing their attention and focus on football. And, when they play under pressure, it enhances their cognitive resilience. In short, it is a full package that boosts cognitive skills in children.

If you want to make them do more physical exercise in the form of sports or other games and use their cell phones less, with the help of FamilyTime Parental Control App for the purpose. You can use it to schedule your child’s cell phone to be used for a limited time. Also, when they are playing other games, you can automatically block their phones, wherever you are, to keep them from distracting their attention using this app.

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