expedited shipping

What exactly is expedited shipping? Expeditious shipping is a shipping option that promises quicker delivery times than regular shipping services. The trucks used for these services travel from point pick up to delivery without any stops in between. If a customer places an order online, a shipment can be made within one business day. This is called “single-mode” shipping. Expedited shipping service also provides same-day shipping.

Popular expedited shipping option

Another popular expedited shipping option is same-day delivery, also known as Same-Day shipping. This allows eCommerce stores to have products displayed on the web and shipped out to the customer’s location within one business day. The customer does not need to place a special order or have any special access credentials to make a purchase. Same-day delivery services offer significant cost savings for eCommerce businesses. Some fulfillment centers even provide expedited shipping to their customers on a monthly basis. This provides new customers with the convenience of shopping on the web while saving money by using a local fulfillment center.

expedited shipping

Standard shipping options

How are these services different than standard shipping options? Standard shipping services usually offer two main options: first-class delivery and next-day delivery. If a customer looks to have a product quickly, he may choose a same-day or next-day delivery option. But with expedited shipping, a consumer does not have to wait very long to get his or her product. In most cases, the order must be received within three business days or the customer will be charged an extra fee.

Expedited shipping – Cheapest shipping option

What makes expedited shipping the cheapest shipping option available to online stores? In terms of shipping time, it is the fastest. Once the product has been load into a truck, it can be pick up at the customer’s location and then deliver the same day. Many online stores count this as same-day delivery, meaning they will be able to offer the lowest prices on expedited shipping to their customers.

What about the USPS (United States Postal Service)? Do domestic deliveries count for any shipping fees on these services? The USPS offers expedited shipping services for many domestic deliveries. Domestic deliveries include UPS ground service, which is free, and Express Mail, which costs a small fee.

Express Mail

Express Mail only allows for a two-day shipment, while UPS Ground Service will allow for three same-day shipments. UPS is the service of choice for most online merchants because it provides fast delivery of their merchandise. UPS is also the fastest. If an online merchant has ever ship with UPS, then they know that it is always expedited, even on their largest orders.

expedited shipping

Expedited shipping – Expectations

When it comes to fulfilling your customer’s expectations around expedite the shipping, both the USPS can be relies upon. You should expect the USPS to deliver in two business days, next-day services are available on some days, and on other days the package will take up to three business days to be delivered depending on the shipping option you have chosen. However, the cost associated with these types of shipping options should not deter you from using them. You should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the two shipping options and choose according to your situation.


There are other benefits associate with using the US Post Office. Some individuals, when purchasing goods over the internet, will use the US Post Office to send their purchase because of the speed, security, and reliability that they provide. This is something that can not be emphasize enough, especially with larger packages. It is important that you understand that the USPS does charge a shipping company fee, but it is much smaller than the extra cost of using a local delivery service. This extra cost of local delivery service may end up being more costly to you than using the USPS.

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