Are you planning to host a welcome party for someone? Have you thought of having a welcome banner to decorate the venue? If not, then you must get one. Welcome banners can give a whole new look to the surrounding. With such a banner to welcome the guests, the ambiance of the party will become more festive. They can also double as decorative items. The best part is if you plan wisely, it can be the only thing you would require for decoration to host a welcome party.

Designs depend on the occasion planned

Welcome banner designs will depend solely on the kind of celebration you are planning to host. For example, a banner meant to welcome a newborn and their proud parents will be completely different from the banner used for greeting someone in an office for the first time. Similarly, a father returning home from an offshore job, or a hospitalized person coming back home after recovering, or simply welcoming guests to a particular event – all of these will have a distinctly designed and patterned banner.

How to choose the right one

Welcome banners are readily available in the market. But they all lack in one thing – versatility. They will probably have the same look and similar clichéd words imprinted. If you are looking for something unique, then it’s better to order a customized one. It will enable you to choose the design of your choice, and you can also include a personalized message for your loved ones.

Things to keep in mind while ordering a customized welcome banner

Greeting your dear ones with a welcome home banner may not be a new idea, but what makes it unique is the thought that goes into making it. Anyone can have a “Welcome Home” sign hanging on the wall, but if you want to make someone feel loved and cared for, do you think that’s enough?

For customizing a banner, you won’t need to spend a lot of money, time, or energy. In this digital era, you just need to open up your computer, look for a reputed banner-making company, visit their website, choose from the never-ending templates (you can also upload your own design), include a personalized message, and click the “order now” button. It will be delivered to your doorstep. Yes, it’s that easy. There are certain things you have to bear in mind while ordering a customized banner. They are –

  • Size

Customized banner covers a wide range when it comes to its size. Depending on the venue of the celebration, select the right size of the banner.

  • Print texture

If you have arranged an outdoor party, you can order a glossy one. But if it’s indoors where you have decided to host the event, then you should opt for a matte finish banner. They are preferable for indoor events because light won’t get reflected if pictures are clicked.

  • Material

Usually, vinyl is used to make the welcome banners. But if you are thinking of storing it for future use, it’s better to get it laminated.

  • Delivery date

Before placing the order, doubly check the expected delivery date. You must have it way before the date of the occasion.


So, get, set, and go! Bring home a unique welcome banner to surprise your loved ones and make the day memorable for the rest of their lives.

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