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When there is tough competition among the brands. It is difficult to identify the original products,s especially with perfumes. The perfumes are delicate products that need to be packed in custom perfume boxes. Which secures the bottle from scratches and other damages. In addition, there are several ways to differentiate the original product from the sea of fake products.

However, it is difficult to make your brands and easier to copy someone else’s ideas. It is because that the product which you are going to copy has already great demand in the market. The other reason people copy is that they want to cater to a definite set of people who do not afford the original product. The packaging can copy to some extent but obviously, imitators cannot copy hundred percent. In this article, we will try to identify red flags by which you can differentiate an original product from the fake ones.

Fake perfume can never beat a long-lasting smell

It is a fact that a fake product can never build its reputation in the market. It is because it always falls in the category of fake products. Further, the scent of fake and original perfume would always be the same. But, the fake product never beat the lasting smell of the original perfume. However, the original perfumes are made from original essential oils. Which have strong and lasting smells. In addition, when the perfume interacts with the skin they do not irritate. But the fake scents made from chemicals can cause irritation or allergy.

Premium Packaging

Another red flag is the packaging material. Fake products usually use inferior quality packaging material. However, the original ones use printed cardboard boxes. Which have brands logo and correct spelling of the brands. The labeling of perfumes makes them original. On the other hand, the fake product often twists the spelling of the original brand. The original perfumes have nice plastic cellophane packaging which adds more neatness to the wrapping. The quality of the packaging is the biggest red flag for those who are unable to differentiate initially. The scent of the perfume is a second signal. Mainly we purchase products by looking at the packaging. The high-end brands choose custom perfume boxes to pack their perfumes.

Origin of the country

After opening the perfume from custom perfume boxes. You can see at the bottom of the bottle a sticker from where the product is made. The fake company is not authorized to put the sticker to fake the people. They never put a sticker for example of made in France, made in Italy. However, they might not copy the perfume bottle too. They might be left a hint to trace whether the perfume is original or not. In addition, if the customer regularly purchases a certain brand then it’s really easy for him/her to identify original and fake perfume. Further, the original perfume bottle has shiny and smooth bottles with perfectly fitted caps. On the other hand, fake products have lost caps and not proper labeling.


To conclude, it is a tough task to differentiate an original product from the fake one. The custom perfume boxes of the original product have perfect and unique labeling. Their scent usually lasts longer than the fake ones. Therefore, after using the fake product your skin might react and have rashes or skin allergies. These are some red flags that distinguish original products from fake.  Don’t forget to shake the bottle before using it. It is because the bubbles of the original perfume will not disappear immediately. It takes ten to fifteen seconds to disappear.

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