In some of the circumstances, you might not be able to connect with your Rockspace WIFI extender. There can be many issues that you cannot access the WIFI extender network. Make sure that is your PC connected to the Re.rockspace.local WIFI network. Also, check its WIFI organized network, for instance, Rockspace ap.setup. Is your web browser has caches and bugs? If yes! Then try to log in to your extender wireless network using another web browser. There are so many web browsers, like Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft, etc. You may opt for any one of these except the one you are using currently.

Set up my Rock space WIFI Extender

  1. Find a suitable location which must be about halfway between your Rock space WIFI and the troubling dead zones.
  2. Connect the provided antennas on the given slots of your Re.rockspace.local WIFI extender.
  3. Make a secure connection using an Ethernet cable between your computer and the range extender. Then open any suitable web browser on your computer device.
  4. And then enter the web address Re.rockspace.local.
  5. You can also type in the IP gateway into the same address bar of the launched web browser.
  6. A web menu dashboard screen will appear on the screen. You can now see the current status of your Rockspace local WIFI extender.
  7. Now, scan and find the available networks you want to extend.  Select the wireless WIFI network you want to extend. And then click next.
  8. Next, enter the username and password for the network you have to extend. Then click next to move further.
  9. Configure the settings of your Rockspace WIFI extended network when asked. You have entered the new SSID and password also.
  10. Click next, and your Rockspace WIFI extender will reboot. You can now connect your computing device to the new network.

My Rockspace ap.setup wizard could not configure the WIFI connection automatically?

  • The first thing is to reset your modem using the reset button that is on it.
  • Restart the Rockspace ap.setup the extender by unplugging it from the power outlet. Then plug it back to the same power source.
  • Now, to set up your Rockspace WIFI extender connection, set a static IP address. After that check, if you have obtained your ISP for the IP settings.
  • Your wireless connection may need Rockspace ap.setup login information to get the login page.
  • Therefore, configure the wireless settings also. If you are using the PPPoE connection, then obtained the username and password.
  • Then in your next step, clone your Mac address. For this, go through the settings to obtain the IP address for the Rockspace WIFI extender setup.
  • Now, click the WAN Network. Choose the “Automatic/Dynamic (DHCP)” option from the menu.
  • Next, you need to tap on your DNS settings and clone the MAC address of your computer device.

Rockspace WIFI extender connection troubleshooting tips

Do you not able to access the interface page of Re.rockspace.local login? Even after performing all the above measures? If you are still not able to access then reset the range extender to its previous default settings. It is a necessary process to reset its default configurations. In this process, you will lose all your configured settings, for example, username, password, IP address, and security encryptions. But you can take a backup also. Keep a record of all settings in a separate drive. For this, use a backup file. In this way, you can secure your customized settings and can reload after reset.

  1. Reset your Rockspace local WIFI extender via Web Interface


  1. Open your computer or the configuration device to launch a web browser on it.
  2. In this browser, enter Re.rockspace.local login just at the address line of the browser.
  3. Enter the default login credentials of your Rockspace local WIFI range extender to access the admin page of the Rockspace local WIFI extender.
  4. Go to More settings and choose the Management tab.
  5. Select save or reload the settings under the management section.
  6. Then you will see the option “Reset Settings to Default Configuration” you have to click this option.

Now, your Rockspace local WIFI extender will acquire its entire default factory settings.

  1. Use the correct Rockspace WIFI extender setup IP Gateway

In some of the cases, users are not able to access their Re.rockspace.local WIFI network due to incorrect IP address or the service web address.

  1. To access the Rockspace extender login page, use the IP gateway
  2. If the IP gateway is not working, use the web address
  3. And then proceed with further steps.
  4. First of all, power off your range extender and remove it from all the power slots.
  5. After a while, plug them back to the same power slot.
  6. Also, connect your PC to the WIFI systems using an Ethernet cable.
  7. Interface your Rockspace local WIFI extender to your configuration device straightforwardly.
  8. For this, use an Ethernet connection. Then open a browser and follow the login process.


  1. Download the Rockspace RS WIFI app


  • To perform your Rockspace WIFI extender setup, download the Rockspace RS WIFI app.
  • You can get it on your Android or iOS device.
  • Launch the Rockspace RS WIFI app on your device.
  • And then create the Rockspace setup account.
  • In this process, use your email address and password.
  • It also allows you to manage your Rockspace WIFI extender remotely without any external support.
  1. Connect wirelessly to my Rockspace WIFI extender?


  1. You can easily connect to your Rockspace ap.setup device through WPS One-Touch Setup. But ensure your wireless router should support the WPS button.
  2. Locate the WPS button on the back of your Rockspace local WIFI extender.
  3. Press and hold this WPS button for 10 to 20 seconds. Also, check the status of the power LEDs.
  4. At the same time, press and hold the WPS button on the home network of your Rockspace ap.setup a WIFI extender.
  5. Or you should enable the WPS button via the software provided for your router.

Once finished, the connection between your Rockspace ap.setup extender and the router will establish successfully.

  1. Use the WPS button to connect your Rockspace WIFI extender


You can connect to your wireless devices using this WPS button means WIFI protected Setting. Some manufacturers can use this term for WIFI Simple Configuration or Push [n] Connect or [PBC], or Quick Secure Setup (QSS) instead of WPS. To verify that your modem and the router can support this WPS feature or not;

  1. Look at your WIFI router.
  2. Find if there would be a WPS button available on its top.
  3. Check at the back panel near the WAN and LAN slots also.
  4. Check the WPS button on your Rockspace WIFI extender also.
  5. Press the WPS button on your router first.
  6. And then press the WPS button your Re.rockspace.local WIFI extender.
  7. Press each WPS button within two minutes.
  8. Go into the Network menu of your internet access device.
  9. Then, find the presence of the WPS button.
  10. After pressing the WPS button, your WIFI extender and the router reboot.


Wait till the amber LED light stops blinking. The name WPS is for a push button. It is available on your wireless WIFI devices. It is a unique feature which supplied with many routers. It makes the Rockspace local extender setup process simple and easy.


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