linen bed sheets

Aside from the atmosphere of the bedroom itself, the bed plays a huge role in the quality of sleep you’re getting. If the bed doesn’t really suit your comfort preferences, it might be hard for you to feel relaxed and fall asleep or even maintain a good sleep throughout the night. Each one of us has different preferences when it comes to the bed we sleep on. But linen bed sheets is very much comfortable.

For instance, some people prefer a soft and plushy feel on their bed while others like a sturdy and plain bed. Because of these differences, there is no single formula in finding the best bed sheets for your bed. However, there are some basic factors that you need to consider when shopping for bed sheets to be sure that you’re really getting ones that suit you best.

Thread Count

Thread count, which refers to the number of threads knit into a square inch of material, is commonly used as a basis for the durability and smoothness of a bed sheet. However, it isn’t that reliable all the time since the type of cotton used also plays a huge role in those factors. When looking for good linen bed sheets, find ones with high thread count plus made from high quality cotton to be sure that it is smooth, durable, and comfortable to touch.


linen bed sheets
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Type of Cotton

Not all bed sheets are made equal. They are made from different kinds of cotton which plays a huge factor when choosing the best bed sheet for you. The best cotton is Egyptian cotton followed by pima cotton. If you’re looking for a bed sheet that feels sumptuous and comfy, choose ones that are made from 100% of either the two cotton types.

If cotton type is not indicated in the label, you could assume that it is made from a lower-class variety which is American upland cotton. Egyptian and pima cotton bed sheets costs more than other types but your investment is really worth it.

Type of Weave

Percale and sateen weaves are two of the classic weave types commonly used in bed sheets. Choosing the type of weave actually depends on your preference. If you tend to sweat or overheat while sleeping, you might find percale a better option because of its crisp and cool feel.

However, if sweating and temperature is not a problem for you, sateen weave might be better because of its ultra-soft and smooth feel. If you’re still confused which among the two to choose, you could ask the seller for a touch test to feel which type suits your preferences.

Choosing Sheets for Kids

Since kids’ bed sheets are usually washed more frequently compared to adult sheets, you’ll need something that are durable and strong to withstand this. Opt for blended sheets with polyester in it. The best blend is 90% cotton and 10% polyester. It is strong and durable yet still feels soft and comfortable to touch.

By knowing all those essential factors, you might already be on your way to the best bed sheet you’ll ever be sleeping on.

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