ocean freight

Ocean freight

Ocean freight, sometimes called ocean freight or ocean cargo, is the transportation of goods worldwide by ocean. It is by far the largest option for transporting goods worldwide. Approximately 90% of all goods are shipped via ocean. The major benefits of ocean freight are cost-effectiveness, speed, flexibility, and a lack of on-time delivery. There are many positive aspects to using ocean freight services.

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency: Using ocean freight cuts both fuel and manpower costs. The time it takes to get a shipment from port to port is significantly reduced. With an open container shipment, lcl shipments can be made within one business day. The smaller, more fragile cargo that has to be shipped in individual boxes is easier to move without any damage. In some cases, lcl shipments can be filled at the port of destination before the goods are available to leave.

Ocean freight

Speed: Ocean freight can make frequent connections. This allows businesses the opportunity to make more sales per day. In addition, by keeping products on hand for shorter periods, businesses can maintain a constant supply of products that consumers love and need.

ocean freight


Flexibility: This allows companies the opportunity to expand their product supply when it is convenient for them.  Lastly, in many cases, companies can save money by transporting goods by sea because they do not need to pay fuel charges or insure their cargo. This can make sea freight an affordable choice for companies who need to utilize alternative means of shipping their goods.

International trade

Security: International trade is a sensitive matter. It is important for company to know that shipments can be tracks and that they can be accountable if something goes wrong. Using makes it possible for companies to ship to specified destinations and to know exactly where their shipments are going.

ocean freight

Traditional international shipping

Cost: International trade is important to everyone. That is why we have allowed the global shipping market to expand and create even more competition among freight providers. That competition often brings us the best prices and most efficient shipping options. When we use makes sense, we find that prices can be less expensive than with traditional international shipping options. For instance, LTL (less than truckload) shipping options often cost more than options. On the other hand, larger shipments can make sense when using make sense.

Ease of transport

Ease of transport: It is no secret that the ocean freight industry is much more convenient than other shipping options. All of these conveniences help to make the ocean freight industry the preferred choice when it comes to sending goods overseas.

Shipped internationally

These are just a few of the reasons that make sense. As you consider your own needs for international shipping, it is important to remember all of the advantages that provide. The advantages of should lead to you looking to other forms of transportation, including land transportation and rail if you need to transport large amounts of cargo internationally and nationally in Canada.

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