Feb 23, 2022
online video editor

Pros and Cons of Using Online Video Editors

online video editor

Before they became famous, many YouTubers like Superwoman, PewDiePie, and MrBeast started their journeys with a small amount of money in their pocket and no special training. How did they do it? While their content played a huge role in their success, they also made good use of online video editors. 


Online video editor tools are considered the new superheroes in the editing industry as they are easy and trouble-free to use. With the best of technology and innovation in online video editors, it is no longer tough to make your first video or even your 100th. You can find several free video editors that can help you create videos in minutes. With the introduction of free editing tools online, you can edit, cut, extract, apply filters and music, or merge multiple files seamlessly. But video editors also have some downsides. Let’s look at the pros and cons of online video editors for better video editing decisions.


1. Easy to use

You don’t need any training or prior experience to edit the videos. An online video editor tool like InVideo comes with simple technology which is easy to use and perfect for beginners. They have a simple UI that is easy to understand. Online video editors come with handy tools to help edit videos within minutes and without any hassles.

2. Access to thousands of tracks, templates, photos, and animations

You can get access to thousands of templates, filters, music libraries, stock media, transitions, and much more free of cost. This can help you create powerful media YouTube videos, promos, ads, and intros. Your data will not use up your device’s memory as it is stored on a cloud. 

3. Add-ons

Many of the free video editors come with multiple add-ons that help to enhance the overall user experience. These add-ons are updated frequently. Add-ons are created either by the company that created the application or by third-party users.

4. Updates 

Online video editing software regularly updates itself to get new exciting features and safety regulations that enable users to get an enhanced experience because of technological advancements. These updates happen frequently, and the users get notified of them. Updates are important for any software as they help keep up with the pace of the changing technology and innovation. 

5. Free tool with reasonable pricing upgrades

Multiple editors offer free basic packages. If you feel like upgrading your services and features at a later point, then they charge a lower rate or offer reasonably-priced upgrades, along with EMI options. It saves you from inconveniences like having to pay for software licences, expensive professional fees, etc.


1. Limited free options in many online video editors

Some video editing software only allows you to access a restricted number of tools and features until you pay for the entire package or buy their monthly or yearly subscriptions. Sometimes, creativity gets blocked because of these restrictions and limited access.

2. Watermarks

Users need to ensure that they don’t use a video editor that adds watermarks after uploading the finished video. This usually happens when you have not purchased the editing software. Watermarks can be distracting and disappointing to the viewers, and hence, you need to make sure that you don’t use a video editor that comes with watermarks. 

3. Expensive while purchasing online video editors

Many online video editors provide free trials to attract users, but they come with limited time and features. Once the trial period is over, the software gets locked and can only be unlocked after paying for their subscriptions and plans. If you are a beginner working on a new project in a trial version, your work may get stuck once the trial ends. Then, you might have to go through the trouble of making it again on a different free online editor, which can be frustrating.

4. No customer support

Free online video editing software doesn’t provide customer support when you need help while using the software. You usually don’t get replies to your queries from software developers. Customer support is sometimes not available in paid services too, which can be quite stressful when you have deadlines to meet.


5. Degraded quality and slow speed

Video files are huge, and sometimes, it takes a lot of time to upload and render raw and finished videos. Sometimes, this may be due to an issue caused by your Internet speed.


If you have an important video assignment due soon that requires lots of research and a large volume of files, using all of that bandwidth can slow down the Internet for the entire company. Also, as with all cloud-based online video editors, if you lose your connection to the Internet while you’re uploading the files, you won’t be able to work on the video while it’s down.



To sum it up, choosing the right video editing software will help you deliver quality content even if you are new to it and stepping into the editing world for the first time. The right online video editor always outweighs the cons with its pros and can kickstart your editing journey with relative ease.

Online software is also beneficial from the marketing perspective, as being proactive is important for effective branding and marketing. Editing software can deliver quick results with ease. Unlock new features with free software and make your amateur-looking videos into professional ones with online editing tools.


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