Partial shipping

A partial shipping service is the simultaneous fulfillment of just one order in more than one shipping channel. Simply put, when a consumer makes a purchase of more than one item. They’re delivered in many multiple deliveries instead of all at once. This is useful for customers who have diverse locations. That will incur different shipping rates. Or for those who are re-transacting on multiple items. But wish to avoid extra charges at checkout. With partial shipping services, this can easily be achieved. When you purchase several items from the same company, and you make purchases within a short time frame, such as in a two-day window, you can have your orders delivered as soon as possible. Partial shipping solutions can also increase the overall customer experience, especially when an entire delivery is simply not possible at a moment’s notice.

Types of partial fulfillment

There are many different types of partial fulfillment options, including flatbed and truckload, as well as specialty carriers such as sea freight and wireline transportation. Each of these has its own advantages, and you should consider what you need before making a decision. Let’s look at flatbed and truckload shipping options first.

Flatbed partial shipment

A flatbed partial shipment allows the shipper to ship only certain items with a single freight contract. The shipper fills a special shipping container, and all of their shipments are then placed inside the container. The shipper does not have to worry about selecting a truckload carrier, and they only have one payment to make. They do not need to pay for any packing or handling either. This allows for quick delivery of large volumes of merchandise to many different customers, and it works well for businesses that may receive an occasional delivery of small volumes of merchandise.

partial shipping

Type of shipping

A truckload partial shipment is exactly the opposite of a flatbed partial shipment. This type of shipping means that the shipper will place all of their outgoing freight packages in one truck. Then, they will have to arrange for transportation services, and they must pay for their own freight expenses as well. Their load limit is lower than with a flatbed, but they must still provide their own truck. The size of the truck varies according to the total weight of the cargo. Shipping costs for truckloads of more than 20 tons are usually quite affordable, and they can save a business a lot of money in the long run.

Freight expenses

Now let’s look at the main differences between these main types of shipments. Flatbed and truckload mean that the shipper is able to select any destination, and they only have to pay for the freight expenses associated with the delivery. This type of shipping is great for people who are transacting just a few times per year, or for smaller businesses that rarely need to ship to other locations. This is also very convenient if your company does not have a dedicated account manager, because you would be able to submit your orders online and have the supplies shipped to your address without worrying about managing your own shipments.

partial shipping

Shipping details

Some companies also choose to use partial shipping means if they do not want to wait for their regular shipments. For instance, some merchants choose to only list the prices of their items on their website during certain days, and they do not want to ship items on those days. Partial shipments mean that they can fill in the shipping details for the items, and then submit the order to the company using the correct dates so that the merchant will charge their customers the right amount for the items.


The most common type of partial truckload is made up of cargo that is delivered using either a rail service or truck route. Many companies are now shipping freight using trucks because it is less costly and more efficient. Truck drivers will drive alongside the shipment to ensure that nothing gets lost along the way. They will also load and unload the freight at the truck stop with the cargo inside.

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