The race to grab the attention of customers is intense, and companies need to use banner design every trick they know of and more to beat the clutter. It can be especially tough to catch the eye of potential customers as they pass by the store or when they visit tradeshows and exhibitions. While popup banners have many things going in their favor like portability, small footprint, easy setup, and customizability, you need to design them right for ensuring they have the impact you want.

Put the Logo Right at the Top

Because people read from top to bottom and from left to right, your communication must follow suit. Start by placing the company logo and the name right at the top of the banner so that people know your identity the minute they look at the banner. The only exception to this rule you can make is when you want to lead the communication with a powerful headline or visual. However, placing the logo at the bottom of the banner design does not do much for building brand awareness.

Keep the Main Message at Eye Level

You will get your message across better if you make it noticeable. On a roll-up banner standing on the floor, the ideal placement of your message is just below the logo and the headline, which is at eye level. The reason why eye-level messages work the best is that they are the easiest to spot and read. Nobody likes to bend or peer down to read the text on a retractable banner. The strategic placement of your message is the difference between a banner that gets you results and one that stands uselessly.

Make Your Message Direct and Crisp

With the average person encountering a few thousand advertisements every day, the only way you can get your message across is by being direct and upfront about the benefits of your products and services. Keep the message short and crisp so that people know the benefits accruing to them at a glance. Do not use long sentences, too much text, or obscure language.

Ensure Readability

Far too many advertisers make the mistake of sacrificing readability with complicated design and a surfeit of information. With people sparing no more than a glance, you need to make the text large and clear so that people can read it on the go. In addition to using a large font size, you must make sure that you use a typeface devoid of complications and embellishments. Also, avoid a complicated graphic design at it can appear messy from a distance. According to Imagine Express, high contrast makes the message easier to read.


The best banner design are those you notice from right across the room. Typically, it is a function of using an attractive color palette that not only screams for attention but supports your brand identity. To ensure that your investment in rollup banners pays off, you must place them in locations where they have a clear line of sight. Find out how people are passing by and angle it for the best visibility.

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