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It’s been three years since Specialized Canada teamed up with Kamloops snowboarder Dylan Sherrard, and have been excited to continue developing their partnership through the years. Working with Specialized Canada was a true dream come true. Dylan and his wife, Kelly, were both raised in Kamloops, which is where they met and fell in love. As a result, it was natural that the Sherrards wanted to return home to spend more time with their loved ones, which is exactly what happened. The couple has since become life-long snowboarders, which explains their obvious love for the specialized canada.


So, what is so special about a snowboarder from Kamloops, BC? There are actually quite a few things, actually. For one thing, there’s Dylan. The snowboarder who became a household name in Canada is Dylan Sherrard – now an internationally known snowboarder, adventurer, and TV commentator. A lot of this has to do with his status as a snowboarder, but a big part of it has to do with how he relates to the snowboarding culture in Canada.


Let’s face it – snowboarding is a niche. In this genre, there are literally thousands of sub-genres. Some of them are similar to other, smaller niches. Some of them are totally unique. There’s nothing like getting a first-hand look at a snowboarder’s approach to snowboarding and riding. As it turns out, there’s quite a bit to be said for the attitude that snowboarders in the Canadian Rockies have when it comes to riding their snowboards.

Many snowboarders in my travels:

Dylan is representative of what it means to be a snowboarder in Canada. He’s all about the freestyle aspect of snowboarding. As a result, not much of his gear is personalized. His boots aren’t hand-painted or embroidered.

The customized clothing that snowboarders in the Canadian Rockies wear is unlike anything else you’ll see. It’s far more fashionable than your traditional winter sports apparel. You’ll also notice that the designs Dylan wears are quite different than those you would see worn by most snowboarders. For example, a snowboarder from Calgary may wear a biker type of jacket, while a British mountain biker would probably wear something far more akin to leather. These are very important things to take into account when thinking about how a snowboarder looks – and what kind of clothing he might wear.

I’ve met many snowboarders in my travels, many of them over the years. Many of them are from Canada. Some are from British Columbia, some are from Ontario, others from Quebec. And I’ve met men, women, young and old. All have one thing in common – they love to snowboard.

Have the opportunity to travel:

If you have the opportunity to travel to Canada, do it. I know it sounds crazy, but it is an awesome experience. It is snowboarding, so everything is different. In addition, it is all done the Canadian way. Imagine waking up on the shores of lake Nanooka in Ontario, riding your board, and exploring the incredible sites there.

Of course, don’t expect to be skiing and tubing all the time. These are for the pros. As long as you are taking part in one of the best winter sports activities available, you can rest assured that a specialized Canadian snowboarder is waiting right beside you!

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