Selection of the web host

Performance optimization – useful toolsThere are many comparisons on the web as to which web host offers the best website performance. Since the providers are also adapting their technology, a comparison is worthwhile. You should consult several sources and forums to get an independent picture. Although this takes a little time, it is worthwhile, as it is difficult to compensate for slow server technology with all of the following tips. Important key figures are the loading time, the percentage of delayed page views and also the accessibility. But don’t lose sight of the other aspects. What is the benefit of the fastest web host.

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Choice of software

When you present your website, you have different options as to which software you use. Basically, it is important to choose a package that is as lean as possible and that does the tasks that you put on your website.

On one side of the spectrum, there’s WordPress. A very powerful, free and customizable software solution with hundreds of WordPress plugins . It can be used to implement projects, from simple one-pagers to blogs to complex shop solutions and company websites. The software is very easy to use and has a powerful editor. However, this convenience is bought at the price of poorer website performance compared to lean solutions.

An alternative is the Bludit software. Also free of charge, it is not nearly as powerful as WordPress, but it is much leaner and faster. One of the reasons is that the data is not stored in a PHP-based database like Worpress, but as a flat file. This is absolutely sufficient for most simple websites and blogs and much faster, since the advantages of a database (indexing, etc.) only come into play with large amounts of data.

Here, too, it is important to weigh up: comfort versus speed.

Selection of plugins

The best plugin is the one that you don’t have to install. The leaner your installation, the more stable and faster it will run in the browser. Also check regularly on the web whether there are updates or alternatives to the plugins you use that improve the execution speed.

However, some plugins improve loading times by buffering (caching) parts of the website or optimizing the execution of scripts. You should also install image compressors. You can usually find information about good plugins in user forums.

Lean code

Although nowadays very few webmasters write their page directly in code and use user-friendly front ends, a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and the scripting languages ​​used is useful. Many visual editors generate bloated code that can lead to performance problems when displaying your page.

Plugins help you find problems and clean up the code.

Compressed images

Images make up the majority of a website’s loading time. You should include informative graphics or picture galleries with highly compressed and rather small ( thumbnails ) previews. Only when the user wants to see details in his browser and implements this by explicitly selecting the image are higher-resolution versions displayed.

There are plugins that automatically compress images as they are uploaded, so you don’t have to worry about the file format, resolution and compression rate.

However, you should definitely not do without images, as they play an important role from an SEO point of view when Google finds your site.

Cache plugins

This makes the display extremely flexible, but a little slower than pure HTML files. A cache plug-in creates an HTML document and stores it on the server.

Image compressor

This plugin is not absolutely necessary, but it makes the work of a webmaster much easier. Large images have a negative impact on loading time. For SEO reasons, however, you shouldn’t do without pictures. Even if information is to be presented, images are indispensable. There are plugins that analyze the image when uploading the image to the website and drastically reduce the size without affecting the display quality. You can do this outside of the website before uploading, but it is much more convenient with the help of a plugin.

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