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Due to the invention of phones, the realm of communication has been revolutionize. Among them, the devices that are loving by people belonging to different age groups are VTech corded phones. These gadgets not only allow a smooth calling experience but also come with a phonebook which has proven to be very useful for people across the globe. Furthermore, with a volume control option, you can also control the volume to suit your comfortability.


Among VTech corded devices, the Panasonic and Vtech Corded Phones are the most popular. With a phonebook memory that can support up to 25 contact names and numbers, these gadgets are considering to be top-tier in this particular category. If you are stuck at how to reset your device, the following are three ways through which it can be done untroubled.


1) Resetting Hardware Settings:


This particular type of reset can only be execute if the AC adapter is being using. If the device is being powered by an Ethernet, this resetting technique will not work for such a gadget. Firstly, plug the AC adapter to completely boot up the gadget. After doing so, wait for five minutes, and then enter ***3332858#.


If all these steps are executed accurately, the Message Waiting indicator will start blipping, indicating that the hardware has been successfully reset. This particular category of resetting gadgets is also applicable for Panasonic corded phones. This kind of reset is only to be done when you don’t know the password for the gadget.


2) Resetting To Default Through The Menu:


In the menu, navigate to admin settings in the menu option with the help of the buttons. After this, change the encoding to lowercase letters by pressing 123 soft keys and then enter ‘admin’ as the password. Navigate your way to the option of reset to default by scrolling down.


By pressing yes, you will have to reset the device to default using the menu. Such a resetting technique can be using in Walker handsets. Bear in mind that resetting your gadget like this is only applicable when you know the password. This is the easier way as compared to the other two techniques of resetting the gadgets.


3) Resetting Through Web Interface:


These gadgets can also be reset with the help of a web interface also known as WUI. The first step is to get the IP address of the device. Find the option of Status, and then go to network and then IPv4. Enter admin as your username and password. Now press the option of ‘Servicing’ is on the upper left corner of your screen.


Furthermore, press ‘Provisioning,’ which will be on the left side of your screen. An option of resetting the gadget will be available at the bottom of the screen. As soon as the pop-up notification occurs, confirm resetting and press save to reset it. This particular resetting is executable for both Panasonic and ATT corded phones.

Final Words:


These were some of the best ways in which you can reset your Vtech corded phones hassle-free and untroubled. With a lot of sellers of VTech devices, it can be confusing for some people to choose where to buy them from. When it comes to such gadgets, FindHeadsets is the best provider. They provide devices that suit the needs of everyone at a competitive market price. Their gadgets are unparalleled in terms of quality, durability, and extensive use.

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