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In our first two articles on what a miscarriage pill is and how effective a miscarriage pill is, we discussed what a medical abortion (Abortion pills in Dubai online) is, how it works, and its safety and effectiveness. abortion.

In this latest publication of the series, we will explain how you can prepare for a medical abortion and what you can expect to feel during and after.

How to prepare for a medical abortion

You should consult with a nurse, doctor or other member of your medical team before starting a medical abortion. Medical abortion is not suitable for every woman and not in every situation. You and your healthcare provider will review your options. You will be given a physical examination, laboratory tests and possibly an ultrasound to determine how many weeks you are pregnant.

Once it is determined that the abortion pill is right for you, your doctor or nurse will tell you about any additional preparations you may need to prepare for an Abortion pills in Dubai online.

You will receive written instructions for taking two separate abortion pills. You will also be provided with a number that you can call at any time of the day or night to get help with any questions or concerns. It is important to know that you have access to experienced and interested professionals throughout the process.

Because the actual abortion takes place outside the clinic or practice, you can make yourself more comfortable by planning ahead. Choose a place and time where you will have privacy. Have someone close to you whom you know and trust.

Have lots of maxi pads on hand. Also, bring food and drinks, a computer, an electronic reader, books, or anything else to help you save time. Have painkillers on hand (but do not use aspirin as this will increase the amount of bleeding).

What to expect during a medical abortion

What happens when you take an abortion pill? Here we will walk you through the main process.

There are several steps to medical abortion. In fact, an abortion pill is actually two different medications that are taken at two different times.

Step 1: mifepristone

The first pill will be given to you when you are in your doctor’s office or clinic. This is called mifepristone. In a small number of cases, nausea and bleeding may start after taking this first pill, but this is unusual.

You will be given antibiotics to prevent possible infection.

Step 2: misoprostol

You will also be given a second pill that you can take home. You will be taking this drug, misoprostol, 6-48 hours after the first. Your nurse or doctor will explain more exactly how and when to take the medication.

The purpose of this second pill is to cause the spasms and bleeding needed to empty the uterus. In most women, bleeding and cramps begin 1-4 hours after taking the second Abortion pills in Dubai onlineĀ  containing misoprostol.

During this part of the abortion process, you may see large blood clots (the size of a golf ball) or tissue clots. Don’t let that scare you. This is perfectly normal. The process and physical pain is very similar to extremely heavy menstruation, and what happens in your body is similar to what happens during an early miscarriage.

Step 3: Recovery

Now you’re probably wondering how long you have been bleeding after having an abortion? This bleeding and cramping can last for several hours. After tissue removal, bleeding and cramps will decrease. You can continue to turn the seizures on and off for a few more days.

As prescribed by a nurse or doctor, you can take a painkiller (other than aspirin) about 30 minutes before taking misoprostol and nausea medication.

Often, minor bleeding or spotting lasts for up to several weeks after a medical abortion.

Step 4: follow-up examination by a doctor

Finally, you will need to have a repeat visit to the doctor to make sure everything is fine and the abortion is not complete.

In the unlikely event that a medical abortion does not work completely, your doctor or nurse will discuss additional options with you.

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