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The education minister Punjab, Pargat Singh, said that a career portal provides professional advice to students of state schools and colleges. With the help of this article, you will know about the latest news in Punjab educational ministry.

Why Punjab government launch the career portal for students?

One of the main reasons behind Punjab’s unemployment problem is the inability to choose suitable career options. At one of these events, the minister said if students receive good career advice on time. They can do wonders according to their abilities, he said.

The portal career plays a key role in guiding students to online courses, scholarships and careers to the students and unemployed in Punjab. As part of the Department of Education’s measures is working, the minister added that 1000,000 students would receive necessary information about career counselling, courses, and scholarship sectors while sitting at home.

What is the latest playground development in Punjab schools?

In Punjab, the education minister decided to develop the playground in the Punjab school.  In an official statement sent to the press, the education minister Punjab said the education department had approved a grant of Rs 9.10 crore to develop innovative playgrounds in primary and secondary schools in the first round of smart playground projects.

He said that the government has dramatically improved the infrastructure of public schools by introducing smart school policies. A project to develop a smart playground has now begun. He said sports and other extracurricular activities are equally important for students as compared to curricular activities. He added that in addition to ensuring students’ physical growth, the game also helps maintain leadership qualities as an athlete who continually maintains a positive attitude and good morale.

The minister added that the government-led parliament had provided growth in all areas of school education, as seen in the achievements of students and the education department and among other accomplishments, Punjab ranks at the top of the Performance Rating Index (PGI), published by the union government, based on 70 parameters of school education.

The minister said that in addition to introducing new initiatives and reforms. Their government also provided transparency in all administrative steps of the education sector. He said more than 21,000 transfers were made under the Online Teacher Transfer Policy. Which only allowed teachers to be transfer to better positions based on their performance. So, He added that parents have also shifted their trust in public schools. As about 550,000 children have been transferred from private to public schools.

What happens after Olympic hockey player winners from the Punjab state?

He said the state government had renamed ten schools after the state Olympic medal-winning hockey team players.

However, Pargat Singh said Chief Minister Amarinder Singh had decided. And approved the school’s name to be rename after a Punjab multi-player. Who was part of the Indian men’s hockey team, which won bronze at the Tokyo Olympics.

So, He said Punjab’s involvement in Indian sports and has sent the second-largest army. In the Olympic Games in the country as 20 athletes come from Punjab.

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