Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner, and it’s very evident that you are super excited about it. You have almost decided what to wear, you have decided the menu, you have decided what to gift to your brother, you have decided what you’d demand from your brother, and you’ve decided how you will celebrate the day altogether. Isn’t it? Yes, that’s the beauty of this special festival celebrate to cherish and appreciate the love between a brother and his sister and the ’tom and jerry’ kind of bond they share. When it comes to brothers and sisters, annoyances become fun, teasing becomes laughter and banters become light-hearted conversations. That’s why this particular relationship is more special than any other relationship you have in your life. A brother and sister play multiple roles in the lives of each other by supporting, loving, caring, understanding, discussing, guiding, and protecting each other. The best part is that no one teaches you two to have these emotions for each other. They come naturally to the two of you and just for each other, no one else. 


Now, let’s talk about gifts. There are plenty of online shopping sites and applications with a humungous variety of stuff to gift to your brother. Also, they are pros at getting it delivered on the exact day, at the exact time, and the exact place. No matter where you are and where your brother is, these online delivery services have made it possible to send gifts online or send a gift to the USA from India and everything in between. You have to choose the site or the application, select what you want to gift using filters as per your choice, add the date, time, and address for delivery, make a digital payment, and you’re done! Be it flowers, gifts, or cakes, online delivery services have made all this buying and sending stuff extremely easy for you all.

Send a gift to India from the USA,

send flowers to Africa from London, send cakes to Amsterdam from Pakistan, now everything is possible, thanks to the internet and the online companies that have taken the initiative of making the whole process of buying stuff so comfortable. Earlier, you had searched the entire market to select just one gift for your brother, had to juggle between things, had to take out the time, bargain, choose, pick, get confused, then select a parcel company for overseas delivery, get your gifts packed to send, pay some extra bucks, and wait for it to get delivered. Such a tiresome process to even talk about, now, you have to select a destination, order online, and you’re done. 

You can send rakhi to Bangalore, flowers to Patna, or gifts to Kanyakumari, anywhere and everywhere; sending stuff is no more a hassle for you because of these online delivery services. The main point is, how to do something unique this Raksha Bandhan, something special, and something sweet? Getting gifts for your brother is fine, but how to make those gifts even more special? Any guess? You can make a gift more special by making the gift on your own. Although it sounds difficult, here are some simple DIY ideas to the rescue because a little handmade gift by you would mean the world to your brother.

My Tie:

You can start making a rakhi for your brother yourself. This particular rakhi would be the most special rakhi he’ll have around his wrist. He’ll cherish the efforts made by you. You can even decorate the platter for Raksha Bandhan with vermilion, raw rice, a few sweets, and this pretty handmade rakhi by you, everything by you. It would be so positively emotional for your brother for sure. 

Place in the Page:

You can make a bookmark for your brother if he likes to read books. You can make five or more bookmarks for him to use in the books he reads. He can also use it in his diary or journal. You can paste pictures of yourself and your brother on those, or decorate them, get as creative as you can, and gift these bookmarks to your brother, Raksha Bandhan. And these bookmarks can even have motivational quotes, spiritual messages, and tiny paragraphs by you. Let alone the book, and he’ll keep these bookmarks in his heart. 

Higher Fire:

You can gift your brother a handmade scented candle on this Raksha Bandhan. It’s not difficult at all. Get colored wax at home, melt it completely, and add essential oils and other natural herbs or extracts, like chopped orange peels, cardamom seeds, parts of a lavender stem, a few beads, or whatever you like. Please put them in the mold or the container, insert the wax thread, and let it cool. Your homemade scented candle is ready. Wrap it in nice packaging, and gift it to your brother. He’ll love a thoughtful gift like you and more because you’d make it. 

There are a lot of DIY gift ideas that you can give to your brother as a Raksha Bandhan present. These are thoughtful, mindful, and useful. Your brother will love it, especially the candle and the bookmarks. He might need more of those made by you; imagine how happy it would make you feel. Amazing. These are when you realize how much little things mean to us. Though we don’t pay much attention to it, simple gestures of love could mean the world.     

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