Worried About Teen's Friends: Get A Phone Spy App

My teen is showing extreme behavior symptoms and I and my wife and are so much worried. Things took an ugly turn one dinner when he just splashed the plate on the floor as he didn’t like the food for dinner. That was enough to make my wife cry like a baby. He left the table right away we just sat there for like an hour without having a single bite. We didn’t even talk as she was not in the position and I was too dumbfounded to say anything comfortable.

Anyway the next day I told him I have made an appointment with a therapist and he has to go. But just like I expected he did not show up and I have to sit there. So I told the therapist that we are having a hard time because of our son and he was supposed to be here today. She just looked at me and asked if I want the session or not. I told her if we can postpone and she gave me a slip and said go get this and maybe you will not need a therapist anymore. Well, ladies and gentleman that was the formal introduction to phone spy app technology and am glad we chose the right therapist.

Let discuss Phone Spy App Features:

Mic Bug

With the Mic Bug feature, you can listen to your teen at any given time. That’s right, this is not a joke. You can listen to them when they are at school, at a playground,  with friends, or alone. The spy app bugs the mic of the teen’s cellphone to let the user listen to every voice and sound around the device. By using this feature I found out that he is having a tough time making new friends.

Track Social media with Phone spy App

He was a bullying victim and we reported some of the students to school. Turned out he was an outsider and loner in school after his friend left and to get out of this phase he got close to the new friend group. The cell phone spy app covers almost all of the major instant messaging chat apps as you can check apps by using the WhatsApp spy app, Line spy app, Telegram spy app, Viber spy app, Kik spy app, and more.

He misses his old friend as with the use of the phone spy app we listened to the skype video calls and the chat messages. He opened about many recent incidents in front of his friend that’s how we knew that he is having a very hard time at school.

Camera bug

He was a very shy person and not the kind who would just go to anyone’s party for fun. He is an introvert who likes to stay in a cozy and close circle. Not the one jumping in the pool or trying to smoke. But unfortunately, he was trying that lifestyle just because of his new extrovert friends. They were trying to get him out of his bubble and he was struggling. With the use of the camera bug app, we were able to see some of the most unexpected things we could ever imagine. The camera bug feature uses the camera of the target device and captures the surroundings of the target and reports it to the user.

Keystroke logger

The keystroke logger gives us access to his daily journal and it was sad and heartbreaking. The feature lets the user know about every keystroke typed on the target device. You can know about any secret account, password details, read the messages, etc by using the feature. We thought he has left Instagram but apparently, he had a new id with a fake identity so that no one can find out about his handle.

Location tracking

One of the major leads we got, was found at the place he would never go. That’s when we were sure that he is not in good company. The GPS location tracking feature lets the user know about the real-time location of the target with pinpoint accuracy.

Here is how I got to know about the bad influence on my teenager. He was having a hard time as his only friend left the town for good. So it was all because of some new guys and girls in the scene. We knew about it in detail through the help of TheOneSpy app.

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